Friday, October 3, 2008


With all that is going on in the political arena I thought I would throw in an issue that has been getting a lot of attention. The issue of health care is a hot topic between Obama and McCain. McCain wants to give families $5,000 to choose their own health insurance and Obama wants to keep the money and offer every person insurance run by the federal government.

I've been checking out national health care companies and their coverage. I was surprised to see that there are companies who offer their plans across state lines. One of them is a company that can be dealt with online. No matter where you live you can access them. You only have to check out Kaiser Permanente California, Kaiser Permanente Georgia, and Kaiser Permanente Colorado to see that.

Our family has insurance through my husbands work. There are families who do not have this luxury. The topic gets hotter when we take into account that most men and women retire before Medicare kicks in. Where do they get health insurance in the meantime?

The topic is hot and worth a chat with our Teen homeschoolers. It's an issue that will touch them sooner than later. Let's start talking choices.

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