Friday, October 3, 2008


Our family went camping the weekend before last. We hit our local KOA and rented a cabin. We have a pull behind 30 foot camper but we've left it in Kentucky at my parents home for the winter. (and all last summer) LOL We just didn't have that camping spirit this year for some reason. But I digress...

We rented a cabin at the KOA on the rainiest weekend of the year. I'm not talking about a little downpour every so often throughout the weekend. I'm talking about the weekend when all the hurricanes were hitting the southern coasts and the rain was pushed up, up, up all the way to Michigan! It rained THE ENTIRE TIME! All of the time, without ceasing. We're talking the beginning days of Noah only it stopped long enough for us to pack up our things Sunday morning and hop on the highway home a day early.

The Kids, however had a ball. There were kids all over that park riding bikes. They had mud slung up their backs, into their hair and all up their legs. It was a kids DREAM Camping Experience! You have no idea! They didn't want to come in! LOL AND the pool was open. Who knew!?

So, as I swung on the porch swing of our little rustic cabin our boys played in the rain. Anyone who knows me well knows that I Love the rain. If it is raining outside I try to go walk in it at least once. I would rather walk in the rain than the hot sun any day of the week. There is just something about rain that makes me smile. Oh my goodness and if I'm shopping and I come out of the store and it is raining...Oh My Goodness...I get such a high from walking to my car. LOL

I just had a brain blast! I need to find some rainy day activities for the boys. I can incorporate this into our homeschooling days! Ahh!! I'm so excited!

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