Monday, May 12, 2008


Today Kazz received his Grades for the Winter College Courses he took.

Kazz: age 15

Computers 1010 = A
PowerPoint for Office Professionals = B

We're taking a vacation, hanging out and gellin' until he and Brian
begin again in June. They have found something that they both enjoy doing together as father and son.

It's been funny to watch them
go off for One class each semester that they choose to take together. Kazz like the company to one of his classes and Brian likes hanging out with his son. Brian got a A in the PowerPoint class...but who's counting! :-) He also got a promotion to Project Manager last'm going out on a limb here to say that the grades my hubby gets won't matter to him as much as the grades Kazz gets. Experience is also a beautiful thing.

The next classes for the Summer semester for Kazz are...
Mythology and the next step up Computer classes.

21 Credits down...42 to go!

Kazz's goal is to Graduate at age of seventeen. Good Luck Kazz!

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