Friday, May 16, 2008


One of the first things a serious college student learns is that making flashcards for studying is a MUST!

Without them we are doomed to read, scan and highlight passages in text-books and notes, over and over again only to forget them for the exam.

Flashcards are an easy way to learn bite sized portions of information. When it is learned the card goes into the "learned" pile and the rest are studied until they can safely go into the learned pile also. After the information is stored safely in our brain, the exam becomes a breeze.

I found a site, FreeWorldU, that is absolutely GENIUS because it has taken the Flash Card studying into overdrive. Instead of listening to a teacher drone on and on the courses are ONLY flashcards.

If the student finds a course particularly interesting they can find other sources to delve into the material in other way, but this site is designed for the Quick and Easy fact based learning style.

If you need to get a course out of the way in no time flat...THIS IS YOUR FREEBIE FAVORITE SITE! Save it because you're going to need it!

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