Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I may be stating the obvious here but this home is filled to the brim with testosterone. When a house has this many male dwellers, the topic of sports is something of a given. This is the season for baseball and hockey to be the talk of our home. It won't be long before we move on to who, where and when the latest nfl picks will be.

I have found a site that has made me extremely happy. It is full of some of the most informed and hard core sports fans you can find; a one stop epicenter for all things sports, if you will. My husband and sons can actually register with the website so that they are able to discuss sports with other like minded individuals.

Why am I happy about this? Not only will I get some peace and quiet while they are getting their daily dose of sports news, but by the time they are finished surfing their new website, they may just be able to talk about something other than sports. Say, maybe...chores? If you have a sporty guy or gal in your home, have them check it out. I think they'll like it...a lot!

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