Friday, April 25, 2008


One of the first questions parents ask when deciding to homeschool through high school, is "Do I have to keep records?" In our State there is no need to keep records, but in many states the powers that be want to see what the teens have been taught. Other parents intend to send their children to 4 year universities right out of homeschool high school, so they opt to keep meticulous records for the admissions application process. Whatever the reason for keeping records it is important to keep them well so they serve the purpose we intend them to.


Homeschool Tracker is free software that can be downloaded to your computer. Once you download it you have everything you need to keep track of school days, lessons topics, subjects, times and duration. There is a handy dandy form tool that can be used to print "hours attended" "days attended," lessons completed and even Report Cards.

The website does have an option to pay for more features. I don't know what else they offer for a fee but the basic free edition will suffice for most homeschool record keeping needs.

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