Sunday, February 8, 2009


The knowledge our children gain from using Computers, watching television, movies and clips online is more than most of us gained in all of our years of K-12 public schooling.

This is the new age. This video explains why homeschooling, with multi-media, hours and hours a day, works better than public/private schooling hours and hours a day. Our children can use the tools more often, for longer and with more leniency than any school in America is equipped to give their students.

THIS is why Homeschooling Works better than the failing American Schools. THIS is why teachers should be able to use their knowledge, love of teaching and energy to run their classrooms the way they see fit rather than adhering to bureaucratic standards that continue to squash the educational desire of modern day students.

Teachers Are Not Broken. The System is broken! Until our schools can teach full out with the technology of today, they're best foot forward is 10 steps behind their students.

THIS is why Homeschooling Works!

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