Saturday, January 10, 2009


Studying The History of Clocks can lead a unit study from age to age in an interesting and fun way. I've found that teens really get into the time periods that clocks have played a role in. Whether it be the impact clocks have had on the Scientific method or the Chronology, Time and Narrative they have played in history, there is no denying that clocks have made a huge impact on our world and the way we live today.

Through our homeschooling journey there have been a few classes that touched on woodworking, time keeping and the making of clocks. One such topic that is a favorite of mine is grandfather clocks. The woodworking and precision timing are absolute works of art. Whether they be old or new they are timeless in design and are bound to provoke interest.

The one I find most intriguing is the Howard Miller Chateau Grandfather Clock. This clock is a timeless, majestic, masterpiece. All of the Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks are astonishing and make an elegant statement in most any home decor.

As I've become a little older, I've gotten the longing to own a piece of history. I would very much like a Grandfather Clock from the day that I live in right now. I would like to receive a new clock every Christmas and/or birthday from here on out. They will be heirlooms to hand to my children and grand-children. They will tell the next generations of my family, about the day that I lived, the hours that we kept and the home where they came from. Clocks are more than a topic for education. They are history, past and present. And to those who leave them to the future generations, they are time itself.

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