Monday, December 8, 2008



FREE WORLD UNIVERSITY Kindergarten THRU Pre-Med Curriculum!

Here is their homepage explanation...

"Our mission is to provide free online education to everyone worldwide. Our primary goal is to develop a pre K-12 program. Our methods of accelerated learning will eventually expand to an online university that will include a wide range of practical subjects such as the computer sciences and trades.

Parents and their students should begin by clicking here to get answers to frequently asked questions, a movie walk through, a downloadable user guide, and a step-by-step tutorial on using the program.

We make learning absorbing and fun by breaking down complex concepts into simple fact units that are placed on electronic flash cards. Our software remembers exactly which units the student knows, and only shows information that has not yet been mastered.

Registration is open to everyone. Your personal information is confidential. You cannot appreciate the dynamic and personalized way that this learning system works without registering. Please click here for free registration."

We have used this for some of our homeschool classes. They are FlashCard oriented. If you like Straight to the point "Quick and Dirty" lessons this is the site for you. There are many subjects to choose from and the price is right! FREE! We have used this when the boys need to get a class under their belt in a quick, easy to understand way.


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