Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We have been battling with our lawn for such a long time. Our sons are tired of mowing it and frankly we are tired to trying to grow grass in the dead spots. No matter what we do the kids playing on it win out over the grass growing. I pretty much thought we were fighting a losing battle until I saw a synthetic lawn. I didn't even know that synthetic grass existed. Now my husband and I are contemplating an artificial lawn for the play area of our yard. Basically, we're tired of buying bag after bag of grass.

I was contemplating this when I realized that this type of lawn would be perfect for swimming pool areas! So I HAD to share this with my blog readers. Can you imagine how beautiful that would look, not to mention how much safer it would be. Synthetic grass would provide a non-slippery border around the pool, get rid of muddy patches, and provide a soft and warm surface to walk or lie on. So, there you have it, a great alternative for a new lawn. I hope it solves a lawn problem for someone.

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