Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yowzah! I have to say that out of all the Super Heroes, my favorite is still Super Man. He can do it all! He can fly, he's got super strength, hearing, good looks and well...all kinds of super powers.

Our children very much enjoy Halloween. This is the one time in the year when we can all dress up and eat candy while visiting with friends and family. It's fun to watch the little ones especially because they love to be scared and to laugh all at the same time. Their emotions are all over the place. My husband and I just love making memories with the kids as a family.

This year, I found a great place to find Superhero Costumes. Halloween Adventure is number one in my book when it comes to Halloween Costume Stores. Not only are they convenient, because we can order online, but they have the best looking costumes anywhere. You can see that just by viewing the awesome Super Man costume in the picture. I, for one, just can't beat the opportunity to Avoid crowds and save gas money in one click of the mouse. Super Man! Here I come, just in the nick of time!

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