Monday, June 23, 2008


Halloween is only 4 months away! I know you may be thinking that I've lost my mind but it takes time and planning to pick the best Halloween costumes. We have, many times, dressed as a theme in our family. One year we all went trick or treating as characters from the movie Toy Story. I was little bo peep, Brian was the toy soldier, Kazz was the muscle man, Brise was Buzz Lightyear. That year we only had 4 people in our family to attire. Now that there are 7 of us it takes planning to get our act together.

I begin surfing the net for ideas way before the weather turns hot, let alone when allowing the leaves to change for the fall season. By then it's too late because my mind is fixated on Christmas!!

Oh yes, I'm THAT kind of mom.

This year I'm thinking a pirate theme may be in order. The boys are all adore pirates, boats and the like so it seems that will be our Halloween Costume theme. I can just see Brian in the Captain's Suit!

Too bad I don't have any girls or we would go the route of Princes and Princesses. Isn't Dakota Fanning the cutest in her little Snow White costume?! Homeschooled she is matey! See even actresses who dress up all the time like to have fun on Halloween!

I'm hoping to hold a halloween party this year also. We did this a few years ago. We had a haunted crawling maze, old fashioned bobbing for apples, pin the witch on the broom and other activities. We stopped doing that when the twins were little but this year they will be nearly 5 years old so I think it's high time to pull out the scary faces, whip out the halloween music and do the Monster Mash! I'm so excited!

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Jayne said...

Sounds like fun!
Just found your site and I'm in love with all the resources and great things for us homeschoolers!

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