Sunday, June 8, 2008


I recently decided to buy a couple of blog names for a project we are doing in our homeschool. It is usually a painless process as we use They have a cheap and easy way to switch from their blogger domain name to whatever domain you choose. It is USUALLY quick and easy, however this time something went awry during the renaming and we are now sent to an error page for one of our project blogs.

I've tried to call Google, to no avail, and I've tried to e-mail them but only get a recorded reply. What I would love for them to have is the ProCallback by Mercia Networks.

Web Callback is a technology where a person can enter his or her telephone number onto a web site. The company who owns that web site will then receive the Web Callback request and will call the person who made the request back on the number they entered. Wouldn't that be nice?! I could actually speak to a human being.

Mercia Networks has released a new service which allows business websites to easily add web callback boxes to their site that match the look and feel of their existing site. When a user fills in the box, and clicks the 'call' button, the website owner gets a mobile phone text message. The website owner can then immediately call the website visitor. The system has been proven to enhance both website sales and customer relations, at very little cost.

I'll tell you what, that is one handy business tool. What a professional way to do business. I give it an Mercia Networks an A+ for their new tool. They deserve it.

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