Sunday, May 25, 2008




Subway...the sandwich shop, is banning homeschooled families from participating in their writing contest! The contest is open to ALL FAMILIES EXCEPT Homeschooling Families!

The rules:

"ELIGIBILITY. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States who are currently over the age of 18 and have children who attend elementary, private or parochial schools that serve grades PreK-6. No home schools will be accepted."

**The rules actually ASK THE PARENT TO HELP THE CHILD write the paper!**

What is this saying about their sense of community? We eat there too!

Let me rephrase that...We USED to eat there too.

Where do they get off banning families from a children's writing
contest? What next...No Asian families, No Christian families, No Vegan families?

Who are they targeting next?! Where does their prejudice end? When did it become okay in America, to ban a particular group of people from anything?

What could they possibly be afraid will happen?

MY Children are banned from their contest. This contest if for general public families!

MY children CANNOT participate! Why?

Is it because we exercise our right to choose? It is because we like to travel with their father when he has to work out of state? Is it because we pay our taxes to the local schools but don't use the services? Is it because we want to be together as a family?

Why are we EXCLUDED?!

Have you ever tried Quiznos Subs? They are so good!!


rainbow20 said...

Whoah! I do not agree with their thinking. Homeschooling families are not part of some underground organzation teaming up to overthrow the government, much less an essay writing contest about Subways. I was a teacher in a public school, and I see no need for this ban. Attending public schools, at some point in life, does not create a special segment of the population with privileges different from any other educated child.
The fact that the rules encourage parents to help the child write the papers is bunk. The contest is for children, not parents. They must want a professionally written paper to use in their advertising the results of the contest.
All the homeschooling family fieldtrips to Subway need to go elsewhere. Having taught, I can see the value in such trips, so many topics could be covered from money to analysis of the calories, fats, etc. and taken on to creating charts and graphic showing the data. This is the hands-on aspect that sometimes "regular schools" don't have the time to expand on to its fullest.
I definitely plan calling the
1-800-888-4848 because I have a legitimate complaint. Hopefully they don't ban old teachers, who like to get on the soapbox over educational /right and wrong topics, from the hotline.
Good luck at Quizno's. They're better anyway. A big boo for Subway.

rainbow20 said...

Sorry, I forgot the email address box in the comment.

Ann'Re said...

Instead of opening up the contest to ALL children and winning the prize for a school in their community, Subway chose in their infinate wisdom to alienate a large amount of children. I left both Scholastic and Subway comments on what I thought and I won't be purchasing anything from either for a long time. Ann'Re

momwithbrownies said...

The prizes don't get them off the hook

Wayne Marcus said...

Its just because they know that homeschool families produce quality children,with high excellence and winners!!!

Really sad and crazy that there is such discrimination allowed in our society!!!

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