Wednesday, May 21, 2008


As funny as that cartoon is, I will say that I don't believe it is true. Most kids, homeschooled or otherwise, are on an even keel speaking with one another.

I think that people who ask me about socialization are really asking me how our children are going to experience the things we did in public school. They are voicing their knee jerk reaction that somehow, homeschooled kids will miss out on being a kid.

Some of our favorite memories took place while we were in school you know. That first peck on the cheek, the first playground friend, the first crush. For many, if not most people, all of that took place at school.

I understand the knee-jerk "socialization" question. What they really want to know is if our kids will be able to have the neat experiences we all had in school.

To that I say, Yes. Our children will have that first peck on the cheek. Some of my boys already have. Yes, they will have that first crush and make those close friends. BUT...they won't be in a classroom or attending school when it happens.

In reality, we all had those experiences as happenstance in a school setting. No matter if we are at home, on a field trip, at our neighbors home, at park day, at a sports outing or even at the mall...our homeschooled kids get to be children and experience all the ups and downs of friendships and crushes just like "schooled" children. They just do it elsewhere.

Don't fret. Our kids get to be kids too. :-)

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