Saturday, May 17, 2008


Kazz and a hand full of his homeschool friends went to the Homeschool Prom together last night.

It was held at an elite golf club, catered and had a DJ that they thought was great.

Kazz, Marissa, Jake and Eric are pictured. She was the lone girl in their crew, though she was actually escorted by her boyfriend Jake. (middle)

After the Prom the kids were laughing and talking and just very positive about the evening. Apparently ALL 4 of them danced with the
masses who attended. Even Marissa and Jake were switching dancing partners and having a great time.

I asked them how long it took for all the kids to get warmed up enough to actually get out there and dance to the music. They said, practically in unison...

"The first song came on and we all just went out and started

I said,

"Oh you 4 started the thing off right then."

They said,

"No, everybody there got up and danced."

I LOVE it! I remember that our high school prom was a dud. It took forever for people to get out there and dance. The couples stuck together and the cliques were all...cliquey.

Not our homeschooling crew!
But you know, that's because they are so "unsocialized." tee hee

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