Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I think we can all agree that for the most part, that our lives are pretty ordinary. In the grand scheme of life, we get only a few chances to participate in something that is above and beyond the norm of our hum drum day. It is for this reason that when an opportunity to do something fun and exciting comes along, I like to grab that chance by the horns and ride it until I see it through. That's what life is about; taking chances and living to tell the tale!


I have found just such a chance today. There is a new Dockers contest. They have opened an opportunity to the general public to submit an original commercial into their Dockers contest!

Whoever wins will get to see their ad during the Tonight Show on NBC! Yes, "THE" Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

This is a no-brainer. This is an opportunity worth grabbing because it's exciting and gives us a chance to get our creative juices flowing! John Melendez aired his commercial on Jay Leno and it was a hoot!

HOWEVER I really like the one titled, "Historically." Something tells me those "plonderhosen" pants were nothing like our beloved Dockers!

I can't wait to see more videos! This is going to be fun.

If you enter, please let me know and I'll link to your video so we can vote!


Sponsored by Dockers

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Shinade said...

Just wanted to drop in and say that our daughter in Maine home schools also!!

Two boys 13 and 15. They are now two years ahead of the public school system according to their latest testing!!

We are finding it to be quite successful!!:-)

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