Monday, February 11, 2008

FEBRUARY 11, 2008


Kazz got a Siberian Husky a couple of weeks ago. This week is all about potty training.

Take Sasha out

Study for College Computer Test

Gymnastics Class

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J's mum said...


This is Nicky in New Zealand thank you so much for the list you emailed me, my next post on my blog was going to be asking people if they could join just one site [paid site] for the year which one they thought would be the most helpful lol, you seem to have answered that with Ed Helper. I had already though it woul dbe the answer as it seems quite good and I need to get things organised for my youngest one as well, school has become a nightmare in this house at the moment, I have a little one that wants to be involved but the older ones say he is annoying and in the way when they are trying to work, so I have to try and teach them and keep him happy. Everything I have given the older 2 to do lately they
have not wanted to do and done nothing to complain about. it is summer her and very hot so no one really wants to do anything but some things in life just have to be done. I will have a better look through your blogs soon as you seem to be so organised, I am amazed by you, I obviously don't have enough high school resources. Do you have a routine? We are just getting nowhere at the moment.
Thanks again for the list and any other advice you have for me would be great, feel free to email me at;
Nicky in NZ

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