Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today THE VOLUNTEER THINGY met for the first time.

The Homeschool Teenagers from the Homeschool group I founded met and decided to
become a Community Volunteer group.

They named themselves
The Community Volunteer "Thingy"
(Teen Homeschoolers INitiative Guided by Youth)

1. They met, had a business meeting.
Kazz led the meeting this first time.
2. Jessica was chosen as the group secretary and minute keeper.
3. They picked colors: Red/Black
4. They picked the name of the group...afore mentioned
5. They picked Team Leaders: Kazz, Marissa and Adam
6. They decided that their first project would be to raise
funds for The World Vision School Tools charity.
7. They agreed to volunteer at the local Departmetn of Human Resources
in the Foster Care section.
8. Then they hung out, jumped on the trampoline,
played video games then went home.

It was a VERY constructive First Meeting

Until December 7th at 1:00 @ Marissa's Home!

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