Wednesday, August 1, 2007



Act 1

adversaries: enemies

disposition: temperment

esteem: high rank

forfeit: give us as punishment

languish: long or pine for

nuptial: wedding

oppression: heavy weight on mind

pernicious: deadly

rapier: long, slender sword

transgression: going beyond certain limits

trespass: enter without permission

valiant: brave

augment: to increase or intensify

chaste: virtuous, decent, pure in style or manner, virginal

exquisite: of special beauty or charm

grievance: problem causing resentment or complaint; grounds for resentment or


warrant: to give adequate reasons for; to state with conviction

purge: cleanse, forgive, absolve

solemnity: being formal, dignified

Act 2

conjure: bring to mind

idolatry: worship

invocation: prayer

perjury: false testimony

procure: obtain

variable: changeable

wanton: reckless or sexual

Act 3

banishment: exile

calamity: disaster

commend: praise

dexterity: skill

prevail: triumph

reconcile: settle

vile: wicked

Act 4

abate: to reduce, make less

array: orderly display

beguile: to deceive or trick

bier: structure for coffin

dirge: funeral hymn

distraught: deeply worried, tense, or bewildered

fester: to develop pus, rot

prostrate: kneel or fall flat

receptacle: container

shroud: burial cloth

Act 5

abhor: hate, detest, loathe

apothcary: druggest

amorous: loving

conspire: to plan secretly with someone

devise: to plan, think up

dispose: kill, get rid of

felon: criminal

inter: bury

paramour: lover

sepulcher: tomb

tedious: boring

unsavory: offensive, unclean, morally bad

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