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ACTIVITY 1: Identifying Independent and Dependent clauses

* Note: dependent clauses when used alone are fragments.

Copy the following 10 clauses into your notes.

In the margin beside each example identify the type of clause by writing "I" for independent clause or "D" for dependent clause. Also, place a period at the end of the clauses that are independent.

example: I 1. I had a cup of coffee.
D 2. Because I had a cup of coffee

1. The aliens abducted my dog
2. That I went to school completely naked
3. While the teacher assigned homework
4. Because all the guys just stared
5. I put ketchup on my fries
6. I put a frog in his shorts
7. While they kissed at the dance
8. Then someone puked in the bathroom
9. They walked home together
10. Grammar is so fun


Correcting Sentence Fragments

From Exercise 9 you should know the three ways to fix a sentence fragment:
1) Attaching the fragment to an indpendent clause before or after it.
2) Rewriting it as an independent clause.
3) Adding a comma before the independent clause if the subject and verb are not in it.

Activity: Examine the following sentences. Correct the sentence fragment errors in your notes.


When she is helping at home. The work is finished sooner. (fragment)
When she is helping at home the work is finished sooner. (correct: dependent clause joined to an independent clause)

1. The man gave him a deal on the price of the car. Because Grampa knew him.
2. Our entertainment unit collapsed! While the television is on the table. We have to eat in the living
3. Since the earth goes around the sun. We have a sunrise and sunset.
4. I couldn't find a job in Halifax. Then I decided to move to Toronto.
5. Because the job opportunities were limited.

For extra practice with sentence fragments, complete the quiz linked to the bottom of Exercise 9.

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