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Crabbe’s Journal 1
1. Where does the novel open?

2. Where are the rest of the teenagers?

3. Why is Crabbe where he is?

4. Who is Dr. Browne?

5. Describe Dr. Browne.

6. What are memory blanks according to Dr. Browne?

7. Why isn’t Dr. Browne impressed with Crabbe’s progress?

8. Why is Crabbe keeping a journal?

Crabbe’s Journal 2
1. What kind of house did Crabbe grow up in?

2. Why is Crabbe glad about what he did?

3. Why was Crabbe sick of his life?

Crabbe’s Journal 3

1. What was Crabbe planning to do?

2. How long had Crabbe spent planning his ‘escape’?

3. How did Crabbe ensure his parents didn’t notice any camping equipment was missing in the basement?

4. How did Crabbe manage to get his clothing hidden without his mother knowing?

5. When was Crabbe planning on leaving?

Crabbe’s Journal 4
1. Who is Fat-Ass Grant?

2. What secret had Fat-Ass discovered?

3. Why does Crabbe feel he’s no different than anyone else (p. 26)?

4. What did Grant discover in Crabbe’s locker?

5. Why wasn’t Crabbe punished by the principal?

6. Who, or what, is silent Sam?


1. What problems did Crabbe have with his teachers?

2. Why does Crabbe think school is stupid?

3. Who is Mr. Peters?

4. Why is Mr. Peters different from the other teachers?

5. Why does Crabbe think the other teachers must hate Mr. Peters?

6. Why does Crabbe’s father think Mr. Peters is dangerous?

7. Why does Crabbe think he could be a threat?

Crabbe’s Journal 5

1. What was the biggest challenge Crabbe had in this chapter?

2. How did Crabbe’s plan almost get ruined?

3. How has Crabbe’s plan been altered?

Crabbe’s Journal 6

1. Where did Crabbe hide the station wagon?

2. What was missing, that morning when Crabbe woke up, that was different from every other morning?

3. How did Crabbe clue in to where to sit in the canoe?

Crabbe’s Journal 7

1. Describe Crabbe’s ‘rest stops’ (p.44).

2. Was Crabbe used to working? Explain.

3. What was the worst part for Crabbe – carrying the canoe or the packs? Why?

4. How does the author foreshadow that something bad might happen to Crabbe?

Crabbe’s Journal 8

1. What important clue does Crabbe ignore at the beginning of this chapter?

2. what has happened to all of Crabbe’s supplies?

3. What major event happens in this chapter and how does Crabbe react to it?

4. Why does Crabbe have to eat cold stew?

5. What is not part of the reason why Crabbe has left home (p. 57)?

Crabbe’s Journal 9

1. When Crabbe set out on his trip, where was he headed?

2. What was the last thought Crabbe had once he realized what danger he was in (p. 63)?

3. Interpret Crabbe’s ‘erotic dream’. What do you think was actually happening?

Crabbe’s Journal 10

1. What’s hypothermia?

2. What injuries did Crabbe sustain?

3. How does Crabbe know the stranger knew what she was doing (p. 68)?

4. Why is the location the woman chose to set up camp the perfect hiding place?

5. Why does the stranger say Crabbe was asking for his attack in chapter 8?

6. What are “night lines”?

7. What realization makes Crabbe ashamed at the end of this chapter?

Crabbe’s Journal 11

1. What is bannock?

2. How does Crabbe make his rescuer angry?

3. Why does the woman want to store all the food?

4. What confession does Crabbe make in this chapter?

5. What is Crabbe worried about at the end of the chapter?

Crabbe’s Journal 12

1. For Crabbe, what is the “truth” he’s learned about nature?

2. What was life like for Crabbe when he lived in the city/

3. What ‘big test’ does Mary give Crabbe?

4. How will Crabbe know if he’s “screwed up”?

5. What realization does Crabbe come to about his loneliness?

6. How does Crabbe do on the ‘test’?

7. what safety precaution had Mary taken when testing Crabbe?

Crabbe’s Journal 13

1. What problem is Crabbe still having?

2a What gift did Mary give Crabbe? 2b. How did Mary think it might help?

3. What is the symbol on the gift called?

4. Even though Crabbe didn’t think Mary’s idea would work, why was he willing to try it?

Crabbe’s Journal 14

1. How does Crabbe feel about Mary?

Crabbe’s Journal 15

1. How does Mary feel about Crabbe?

2. Why is Crabbe o.k. with this?

3. What does Mary think it’s time for Crabbe to do?

4. How does Crabbe feel about this?

5. What are “staples’?

6. How does Mary plan to replenish he stock?

Crabbe’s Journal 16

1. How is Mary’s plan complicated?

2. Describe the people at the camp.

3. Why does Mary whisper “eureka” excitedly?

4a. What causes Crabbe grave concern on page 107? 4b.Why does this worry him?

5. What happens to Mary?

6. Why does Crabbe take steaks and ground beef?

7. What is the pepper for?

8. How is the weather creating trouble for Mary and Crabbe?

9. What frame of mind is Mary in?

Crabbe’s Journal 17

1. What happens to Mary in this chapter?

Crabbe’s Journal 18

1. Once Crabbe gets back to the camp, what does he do right away?

2. What was Crabbe disgusted in himself for?

3. What things did Crabbe learn about Mary?

4. What things did Crabbe think his father wanted him to be like?

5. What was it about the way Mary made Crabbe feel that was different (p. 124)?

6. What was one of Mary’s favourite expressions?

7. What’s a “loser’s game” according to Mary?

8. When does Mary think a person reached maturity?

9. What realization does Crabbe come to about Mary and why she was hiding?

Crabbe’s Journal 19

1. What two choices does Crabbe realize he has?

2. What was Crabbe’s greatest enemy in his situation?

3. How did Crabbe’s Packs come in handy?

4. How long had Crabbe been in the bush/

5. Why does Crabbe’s sleeping bag need to be hung?

6. How has the weather turned against Crabbe?

7. Where does Crabbe take shelter for the evening?

8. What did Mary think was the “greatest compliment to a teacher”?

Crabbe’s Journal 20

1. What was happening to Crabbe’s hands and feet?

2. Why was the pain going away?

3. Why couldn’t Crabbe fall asleep once he reached shelter?

4. How did Crabbe end up in the hospital?

Crabbe’s Journal 21

1. What happened to Crabbe’s hand? How could it have been worse?

2. Why does Crabbe have to be transferred to a city hospital?

3. Why does Crabbe finally decide to reveal some information about himself?

Digression (2)
1. What kind of imagination does Crabbe think people need?

Crabbe’s Journal 22

1. Who is Mrs. Owen’s?

2. What was different about Crabbe’s mother and father’s appearance?

3. Why does Crabbe run from seeing his parents?

4. Why does Crabbe finally decide to face them?

Crabbe’s Journal 23

1. What does Crabbe realize both he and his parents are feeling (p.162)?

2. What did Crabbe’s father need to know?

3. What’s your interpretation of how Crabbe left things with his parents?

Crabbe’s Journal: End

1. Where does Crabbe go once he checks out of the hospital?

2. What was Crabbe having a difficult time getting used to?

3. Where does Crabbe get a job? Why does he think he got it?

4. Who’s Brighton?

5. What’s Project Adventure?

6. Do you think Project Adventure is a good thing for Crabbe? Explain.

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