Thursday, August 2, 2007



1. Throughout American history, the balance of power has shifted between the national government and state governments. Who would you say has more power now, the national government, the state governments, or neither? Do you think this will change in the near future?

2. What are some reasons the Constitution has been amended infrequently? How does the relative infrequency of amendments affect how we view the Constitution?

3. The first three articles of the Constitution define the three banches of government. Which Branch's powers does the Constitution most cleary define? Which branch of government did you think the framers intended to have the most power?

4. What influence did the anti-federalists have on the Constitution?

5. Which of the six main components of American Democracy (popular consent, popular sovereignty, majority rule, individualism, equality, and personal liberty) do you think Americans are most passionate about? The least?

6. Is the third amendment still necessary? Should it be repealed?

7. Attend a government meeting/session such as a city council meeting.
Observe the meeting. Explain what you saw, learned, experienced. Do you think the system works for the people it is intended to serve?

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