Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Memorization Tips: Elements/Symbols
Unique ways to help us remember the symbols for the elements. Be warned - some are a little out there!
Silver - Ag If a person who is expecting a present of a gold necklace receives a
silver one. he might say, “Ag, I didn’t want silver!”

Gold - Au “Hey you, I want that gold necklace!” Said with “Hey you” sounding
like Au.

Aluminum - Al All cans are made from aluminum.

Bromine - Br That brother of mine - Bro of mine!

Calcium - Ca “Caws give milk!” Pronounced with an accent to make cows sound like
it’s spelled with an A.

Chlorine - Cl “You Clean with chlorine!”

Fluorine - F You need to Floss after using fluorine!

Iron - Fe “Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, I’m an iron man!”

Helium - He If you breathe in helium, you will laugh! He, He, He!

Mercury - Hg Greek mythology - Hg stands for Helmet guy!

Potassium - K You will get Kicked out of school for the double nasty! You can’t do
the first three letters and cannot say the next three!

Sodium - Na “Naw, I don’t want any sodium!”

Nickel - Ni “Nick owes me a nickel!”

Oxygen - O “Open your mouth wide to take in oxygen!”

Lead - Pb Pencil broke!

Silicon - Si Silly con!

Tin - Sn A tin roof gets hot in the Sun.

Manganese- Mn Take first three letters - Man

Magnesium- Mg Take first three letters - Mag

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